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Pallets -

PP&P specializes in new pallets, recycled pallets, combo pallets, and/or plastic pallets for both domestic and international use. We can build both industry standard sizes and custom dimensions and designs.


Blocking & Custom items -

PP&P specializes in customizing unique, customer-specified truck blocking. Our products include banding grooves, custom angle cuts, heat treating, and more. Woodworking items in large quantities or small one of a kind items are also available at PP&P.


Crating - 

PP&P's crating is built to customer specification. We have the capability to build any size or standard needed. We can also provide heat treat stamping on all crating we build for both domestic and international use.


Packaging Materials - 

PP&P offers custom corrugated slip sheets and boxes. We custom cut foam to our customer's specifications using polystyrene and/or polyethylene foam. 

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